Hi, I’m Sarah Ann!

My story as a designer began a few years ago. Style, art and clothes have always been a big part of my life! I won’t bore you with the “It all started when I was a small girl” details but I will say quickly that the seed was planted there. I’ve learned that doing what I loved as a child and weaving that into my work as a woman has made me happier and my impact greater.

I’m originally from San Diego where we had sunny Christmases and I remember seeing snow just once when we went to Big Bear. I learned what real winter is like after moving to North Idaho where you need coats that keep out the wind, coats that keep you warm in sub-zero temperatures, coats for the in-between seasons where it’s too cold for just long sleeves and too warm for all those other coats. My closet was full of coats and scarves and I was getting tired of maintaining it all. All the layers were literally cramping my style.
Getting kissed by an Alpaca
I wanted to look good, be comfortable and not carry around two to three pieces of outer wear around wherever I went! So I got to work designing something unique. I sketched, had a friend knit some of my ideas and wore them everyday. I was hard on those first little shrugs! Too big, too little, not long enough, not soft enough. I wanted to make sure it would work for women of any size or shape.

When the design was finally perfected, I started on the journey of having them manufactured. Easier said than done, a few years of work and I’m proud to offer you the most versatile, beautiful and eco-friendly design to keep you stylish and cozy. Our shrugs are made of an incredible, chemical free fibre contributed by alpacas who are loved and made by Peruvian women who are paid fairly for their work.

I believe we can all be blessed in a dignified commerce. I’m proud to say BySarahAnn is part of this marketplace!


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