Wise Fashion Philosophy: Fashion that Fits You

How I grew my wardrobe for free!

I guess it comes from my mom. She raised me to be frugal… really frugal. I mean so frugal my mom can squeeze a quarter till the eagle screamed and look amazing while doing it! She’s a genius and I must have picked up a few tips along the way.

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Skin Tone Part Deux

Hopefully after last weeks post you’ve had some time to check out your skin and identify what your undertone might be. If you are still unsure I found another tool!

Part 2 in a series.

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Your skin tone and the secret to wearing neutrals

Have you ever tried on a beautiful necklace only for it to look a little meh?

Do you love the classic trench coat but when you try one on you look like a flasher instead of the Casablanca classic beauty you always dreamed of?……. Just me then? Ok, moving on.

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Perfectly Pear Shaped

Today I’m talking about my favorite shape but my least favorite fruit. The Pear.

There is just something so creepy to me about biting into a pear. For as long as I can remember pears have grossed me out.

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I found out a friend passed away this week.

A motorcycle accident.

That’s 2 friends I’ve lost this year and a dear family member in December.

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Bras: The True Story of an Ample Bust

I hate those ads for cute lacy bras or the ads that show cups free hanging off the ta-tas with nary a string. The result shows how she can now wear those cute tops and flowy backless maxi dresses with ease, but if I were to slip my lady bits into those free hanging cups they would look like a couple of over filled water balloons hanging off a wall.

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The Paradox

Is wanting to look good while simultaneously “not caring what people think” a paradox?

Are you or I hypocrites for wanting to be seen as beautiful but also wanting to dodge the judgment?

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What should I wear? Here’s my embarrassing story to answer that.

Recently a few friends of mine have been preparing for events. One is going to a big exciting convention, one is going to a concert and a few more have weddings. They all asked “what do I wear?” Yes, they had clothes in the closet. Yes, they know the acceptable attire for the event… but that’s it.

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Jeans, How to find a better fit

This week I had a little time to myself in between errands. What did I decide to do with that time? Get a pedicure? Treat myself to a coffee date? Go to the park? NO, I did my most favorite thing… Fashion research! I do it for you because not everyone is as crazy as I am about clothes and I’m OK with that!

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4 steps to Parisian Style

Have you ever seen something cute on someone else or on Pinterest and thought “how cute, I’d like to try that”. But then something stops you. You don’t have the “thing” you want to try or you don’t know if it’ll look good on you.

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5 reasons cheap clothing sites really cost you in the end

Cheap clothes and fast fashion are the norm, but can you really get that Ah-mazing coat or dress for only $12?

Early last year my friend recommended Rosegal for crazy cheap clothes. I didn’t skip a beat. I looked up the site and immediately started browsing. However, it felt a bit “off” to me.

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A Reality of Weight Loss. What really happens when you hit your goal?

Weight Loss is good right? There’s never a downside to losing weight.

I used to think there could be no downside to losing weight. You work your butt off (literally ha!) and finally see an acceptable number on the scale. Hallelujah! Now it’s time for shopping! YAY, new SMALLER clothes! You are thrilled and looking how you always dreamed. Except that’s not how it really goes at all.

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The 3 steps to better style and a cleaner closet!

Overwhelmed by the “rules” of fashion?
When it comes to clothes and style there can be so many choices to make. If you ever feel like you’re in a rut or that you are hungry to change up your look but not sure how, you’re not alone.

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I hate swimsuit shopping!

Have you ever walked into a store feeling pretty okay about yourself, even...healthy and beautiful, only to try on a pair of pants or swimsuit and walk out of that store feeling hideous and huge? I have! More than once! It almost became a spring ritual for me. How...

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