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What if one of your friends came up to you and said “ wow, your thighs….HUGE!” or “ I hate your stupid fat arms!” Would they still be friends of yours after that? Would you continue to allow that kind of talk into your life? So why do you talk to yourself like that?


Your inner voice has more power than you think


If you don’t know what I’m talking about, great. You probably have a kind inner voice. However, I have not had a kind inner voice until recently and I bet some of you have had mean girls in your head from time to time as well.

With that said, I have good news and bad news. Bad news first; your inner voice has more power than you think. It can control your life in subtle yet powerful ways that will stifle you… Good news; It’s totally fixable.



The Cure: Take a second and listen to what you say. Would you talk to a friend or loved one the way you talk to yourself? Would that relationship last if you did? Chances are no one wants to take that kind of crap. So don’t dish it to yourself!

Would you talk to a friend or loved one the way you talk to yourself?

We’ve all had people in the past say negative words to us that stuck with us for years or even our whole lives. My babysitter (when I was 7) said I have a huge forehead…I spent YEARS and many haircuts trying to cover my gigantic forehead.  I was 31 when my stylist suggested a different style. I finally confessed to my her that I have a huge forehead and we need to cover it. She stopped, grabbed my shoulders, looked at me sincerely and said “ uh, no you don’t!!!”.   It’s time to let these old recordings go. Your mind is too precious of real estate to let that dark comment take up room anymore.

barbed wire

And don’t get me wrong, I do what I can to look and feel my best. If that’s an anti-aging serum, clay mask, nip and tuck… whatever! Everyone is different and I’m not judging sister! The point is, be aware of how you think. You have an amazing body and I know for a fact because you are alive and reading this. That means your body was well enough to wake up, get out of bed and do a bunch of other wonderful functions we take for granted. That’s something to be grateful for! So let’s give our foreheads, hips, arms, noses or whatever a break.


This week pay attention to what you say to yourself and please my friend…. be kind.


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