Hopefully after last weeks post you’ve had some time to check out your skin and identify what your undertone might be. If you are still unsure I found another tool!


Just as I was posting last week’s article about finding your skin’s undertone I discovered this app that grabs the colors from your skin and tells you the tones. Now it’s not 100% foolproof. Lighting matters and it all comes down to your phone camera which is not the human eye to say the least. However for a quick reference I recommend playing with it.

For Android users it’s called color grab

And for Apple users I suggest Kuler app by Adobe.


I get varying results depending on lighting but they do stay within the range of grey and grey with orange. Sounds SO pretty right?! But I translate that to meaning my skin is more neutral. If you get more orange, yellow or red in the app analysis than you lean towards warm and if the app comes up with grey, blue or any other cooler colors you are between neutral and cool tones. Use the other tests along with the app and not just the app alone to be totally sure.


So, now you know your undertone what are the best colors to wear?


Well, I’m going to preface that with a frustrating and seemingly wishy washy remark. You can wear pretty much any color you want….. Told ya 🙂


GAHHH! Right? I know, that is not helpful now but it will make sense soon I promise. If you have a hard time with neutrals it might be that you need to meet the color wheel. Knowing how to use the color wheel is the secret to looking “put together” “chic” and “on fleek”. I can’t say that last one with a straight face. I feel like an imposter old lady that’s trying to be cool but moving on.


You don’t have to be a professional artists or designer to know the color wheel and you don’t need to keep one in your purse every time you shop although it could be extremely helpful if you were so inclined.


Here’s a color wheel.

It’s not earth shattering right? You probably use it more than you realize, or at least you remember it from school.


How does this help? Well, it’s a good measure of where you land on the best colors for you. The human eye loves contrast. Contrast in textures, colors, shapes. Eyeballs and the brain just love  it! So the rule of thumb for wearing the best color for you is wear the opposite of your skin’s undertone.


If you have yellow undertones the opposite of the color wheel tells us cooler colors like blue/violet will look amazing on you. If you have cooler undertones than the warmer side of the wheel is your best friend. And if you’re neutral like me than here’s the tricky part, you can pull of more varieties of neutral but be careful to not accidentally pick a neutral that closely matches your skin tone. That will result in you looking naked or sick or both! Remember contrast is key!


Let’s look at some examples and see what works, what doesn’t and why. Also, take note that photographs have a huge disadvantage to representing true colors. You never know if there was a filter to make her look more tan or if the brightness was raised to make the neutral look lighter. You never know what’s been done to the photograph but it’s still beneficial for training your eye to notice undertones in reality.


First cool Neutrals. Cool neutrals range from cool greys, cold whites and pastels in the blue, green and purple neighborhood.  Cool neutrals always seem to have a hint of blue too them even if they truly don’t. That’s what your eye sees especially if the cool neutral is next to it’s opposite. This is good news if you have a warm skin tone. These neutrals will tend to work and make you look bright, fresh and on fleek… hahaha, I still can’t say it!

See how warm her skin looks next to the cool grey?

Warm neutrals are anywhere from creams, caramel, peaches, tan, olive and certain pinks. These neutrals work for the cool skin tones and neutral skin tones depending on how dark or pale you are. If that sounds confusing remember the rule of contrast. Ask yourself “does this compete with my color or contrast with it?”


Here are some examples of warm neutrals.

Here’s another tip on neutrals. Beware the pants!


My personal rule is don’t wear tight neutral pants (especially if you are self conscious of your legs) and if you wear nude pants make sure they contrast or you could possibly become a meme. If you are pear shaped like me that doesn’t mean neutral pants are off the menu but generally speaking they will amplify what you have.


Remember dark colors recede to the eye and bright colors come forward. If there’s something you want to appear smaller or just don’t want it in the spotlight choose a darker tone.

Here are some well done neutral bottoms.

Suppose you have a neutral that does wash you out but you LOVE it or you just don’t have the time and/or money to replace it. You can make it work with layers. Wear darker colors underneath and layer it on top so that it doesn’t compete with you.


This really works for skirts too. If you live in the chilly north like I do winter makes everyone look like a ghost. That doesn’t mean you should necessarily hibernate your pretty light dresses and skirts, just contrast them with a dark pair of tights like brown, wine or black. Just remember contrast is key!

Last but not least, don’t forget the dark neutrals such as navy and brown! If you are on the warm side navy will look amazing and it can pair well with other neutral pieces in your closet. You can layer them and now your closet is really working for you! Same goes for brown and it’s opposite.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to pull off the neutral tones. No color is off limits if you know how to use it. Remember opposites attract for colors and your size no matter what it is should never stop you from trying a look you love. Just remember contrast is your friend and the key to wearing your best colors. This is true for hair colors and jewelry as well. You can wear any hair color as long as it’s opposite your skin undertone. There are warm and cool undertones in blonde, black, brunette and red hair too.


Now that you know the secret to color look at your wardrobe with new eyes. Put something new together that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Be bold and have fun!


Love this article? Spread the love and let a friend know she’s gorgeous! What color have you sworn off in the past that you might take another look at?

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