Today I’m talking about my favorite shape but my least favorite fruit.

The Pear

There is just something so creepy to me about biting into a pear. For as long as I can remember pears have grossed me out. I think it’s the pear skin. Apple skin has a little resistance and it has that crisp crunch as you bite into it. Other fruit like berries, watermelons and bananas don’t freak me out either, but the pear gives me the heebie jeebies when I think about biting into one. The skin is so thin and the fruit is kind of firm but soft. I get the feeling I’m biting into human flesh. Not that I know what biting people is like but I imagine it’s like biting a pear. Now that I read this I see that it’s all in my head. I don’t really care though, I’m not eating them.

Now let’s talk about the beautiful shape of the nasty fruit. I love that shape and it just so happens to be the shape my body takes. I have SUPER narrow shoulders and an ample hip width. I have a big butt, not gonna lie. For too many years I blamed my body for being the wrong shape. I had hoped for something more acceptable like the hourglass or athletic shape. I didn’t even inherit my mother’s shape. She has a beautiful athletic shape. More like a strawberry shape which is the complete opposite of mine. Her shape and the hourglass was what I saw in the movies and magazines. I hoped that when I lost weight I would get a “           ” shape but even after I lost 60 pounds and saw my frame in a different light I was still a pear shape. Even at my thinnest I still hated my hips and wished to look like someone else.

A few years ago that all changed when I started learning about shapes and clothing design.

Did you know that most women are a pear shape?

Did you know that the pear shape can mean that you have a lower risk of heart disease and stroke?

See, it has it’s perks. And it happens to be a lovely shape whether I appreciated it or not.

After study and research I decided to love what God gave me and find the best way to highlight what I wanted to show off.

Some articles would recommend I never touch a pencil skirt, others would say I could only wear V-neck or halter style top, or that I could only wear dark colors on my giant lower half. Yes, some articles made it sound like it was an unfortunate circumstance to have a pear shape.

I started out by following these rules and learned what worked for me and what didn’t.

I learned I like pencil skirts and there are styles of the pencil that I look fantastic in. Halter tops look nice but I also like other tops if they were fitted to my shoulders properly.  I happen to like white pants on some occasions in the summer so I found some beautifully fitting white boot cut jeans. They fit like a dream and looked fantastic regardless of how light they are.

You can break their rules. If you like it, wear it just make sure it flatters YOUR shape. If you need to know any “rule” it would be this. Know your shape. It’s the structure of your skeleton and muscles. It’s your frame and it’s where the clothes will hug or hang.

Knowing your shape will make everything else fall into place.

Do you know your shape? I have a simple cheat sheet that helps you find your shape and it takes less than a minute!

Click here to get your Find Your Fit cheat sheet.


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