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Where does your beautiful shrug come from?

Where does your beautiful shrug come from?

When I set out to find someone to help me make my shrugs I looked all over the planet!

Seriously, I spoke to folks in China, Mongolia, India, Europe, Canada and America.

I didn’t just want any ol’ factory though. I have learned a lot about the fashion industry and I didn’t want my shrugs to contribute to people, animals or environments being taken advantage of. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 22 and I belive business worth doing is worth doing right!

After months and months of searching I found Peru.

Sure, I knew where Peru was on a map and I can tell you that machu pichu is but I learned so much more connecting with the people through business and fashion! Here’s what you need to know-

# 1: Peru loves their Alpacas!

They domesticated these animals thousands of years ago. They are loved and revered in Peru and even have blessing ceremonies every year to appreciate and ask for an abundance of alapacs for the coming year! How awesome is that!?

# 2: Made with love and dignity!

Your shrug is hand knit by women in Peru. The women that hand knit your shrug get to work from the comfort of their home (very rare in the fashion world) and are paid fairly for their time and skill!

The shrug you own now not only is designed with your comfort and style in mind but it is also made well from a country that cares.


With love and gratitude,

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