I found out a friend passed away this week.

A motorcycle accident.

That’s 2 friends I’ve lost this year and a dear family member in December.

This has had me thinking a lot about life, as we all do when something like death jolts us out of our daily routine.

They were not particularly old people. One was very young, in her mid 30’s. I think about what I would do if I knew I was going to pass soon. It’s always a good reminder of what really matters and a great way to turn down the noise that distracts us.

If I knew I was going to die soon I would spend my time with family and friends. I would wear my most beautiful dresses that call for a fancy occasion. I would eat delicious food and I would laugh a lot. I would be thankful for this wonderful vehicle I’ve had the pleasure of living in. I would celebrate what joy it gave me as I see my kiddo dancing. Hug my husband after a long day and carry a friends bag as she carries her baby.

I wouldn’t do what I usually do this time of year. I wouldn’t spend one second hating my thighs anymore, or wishing I could tan.

I would just be in the moment, soaking it up and appreciating every second. I wouldn’t squander it on all the typical worries like losing weight in that one area or holding on to a past failure. They don’t really matter do they? None of that really matters when you look back at the whole scope of things.

This week I wanted to pass on the reminder I was given because I think it’s a valuable reminder for us all. We are all valuable, precious and lovely. Live like you mean it my dear!


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