Have you ever seen something cute on someone else or on Pinterest and thought “how cute, I’d like to try that”, but something stops you? You don’t have the “thing” you want to try or you don’t know if it’ll look good on you. You don’t have the same hair or figure as the woman in the picture…

Well, stop it!

Here’s the thing. Style, fashion, makeup, whatever, it’s all an expression of who you are. Your personality. If you see something that resonates with you, chances are you can find a way to pull off the look.

For example, a friend of mine is gorgeous but she thinks she is too fat to pull off the “Parisian” look, meaning the horizontal strips and the tight fit of the cigarette pant. She won’t even go there in her mind but she LOVES the look. Well, life’s short sister so let’s not “live life to the safest!”


We wear the clothes, they are inanimate objects that we control. So if you like the Parisian look there is a way to make it work for you, not you contorting yourself to fit it.


So, what are the basic rules of a Parisian look?

#1. Neutral colors


Great news, neutrals look good on all figures! Navy, black and brown flatter all skin tones. The tans, camel and khaki are a little trickier depending on your under tone. If you have yellow undertones go with cooler shades of tan, khaki. If you have blue undertones choose warmer neutrals. Then get neutrals in all your basics; blouses, shirts, pants and jackets. Boom!  You’re almost done. Next?

#2. Keep the look simple/minimal and effortless

Are you asking yourself “What does effortless really mean? My life is FAR from effortless!”

Me too! What it really means you put effort into assembling the look from the beginning, before you buy the clothes, so it’s already a set look in your closet. No more looking aimlessly at your clothes and having no clue what works right now. Choose your shirt, pants, jacket and shoes before you need them.

The Parisian look has it’s power in its simplicity. Less is more. If you want a pattern, the classic black and white stripe is timeless. Contrary to popular belief, the right stripes can be the best camouflage for lumps you don’t love.

The same goes for polka dots, and the dots need to be a size that flatters you.  Too big and they overwhelm you, so go with small dots and again, black and white is classic. Sometimes color elevates the whole classic look to a fun spring outfit, like in the striped shirt below.

The perfect fitting shirt, the right pants and a great neutral jacket, possibly a watch or necklace. Bam!  You’re done, chic and good to go.

Tanesha From Girl with Curves rocking the Parisian style: Source

#3.  It’s about the fit.

I know easier said than done. But a good place to start is here. If you know your shape the battle is half won. That simple yet powerful Parisian look is based in the clothes fitting almost as if they were made for you. So That striped shirt will look fabulous if it’s the right fit.

#4.  Accessories are like the bow on a gift

Accessories are where the Parisian look has flare! Accessories like a colorful scarf, bold playful earrings, fun yellow flats. This is where you add that little sumpin’ sumpin’ and it is even more enchanting because everything else works so well and is understated. The fun accessory really stands out and adds the charm, like the bow on a present. Without the accessory, it’s just a wrapped box with some paper.

That’s it. 4 basic rules to the Parisian look. My friend can do it and so can you.

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. The internet quotes Picasso as having said this. I’m going with it and hope it’s accurate. Regardless of the accuracy, the point remains. Learn how the look works than you can wear anything with style!

Next time you see a great look don’t count yourself out!

Chances are there is rhyme and reason to why it works and if you understand that you can get the look yourself.


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