Have you ever walked into a store feeling pretty okay about yourself, even…healthy and beautiful, only to try on a pair of pants or swimsuit and walk out of that store feeling hideous and huge? I have! More than once! It almost became a spring ritual for me. How could I go from confident to Quasimodo in 1 hour? Well it’s because I forgot one simple thing and I bet you fall for it too.

This will sound cliche’ but hear me out. It goes further than a pinterest save.

Your clothes fit a shape not a weight

See, the thing is we are all different SHAPES which is way more impactful than your “size”. Did you ever see that girl who tried on all these different jeans in one day and her body didn’t change but all the pants were different? That should be our wakeup call. Our weight isn’t a PROBLEM to solve in order for us to feel beautiful in clothes.

Same day, same body, 3 completely different pant sizes!

Fashion is about feeling and looking beautiful. If it was just to cover our bodies and not express our personality we would all look like we were part of some giant cult.



If you have a feature you do love about yourself, play that up! Everyone (even the Kardashians and Cindy Crawfords out there) Have a feature they love and a feature they hate. That’s why some wear pencil skirts… (they love their curves) while others wear an A line skirt (not so crazy about their thighs maybe?)…. It’s about different shapes not weights.

So go discover your shape! I found my true shape by going in front of the mirror and outlining my body with a dry erase marker (Actually I used an eyeliner pencil and it made a huge mess. I should have used a dry erase marker. doh!). I stepped back and saw that my hips went passed my shoulders (classic pear). You might have broad shoulders and narrow hips… Go ask the mirror and be honest! No shape is bad. If you have trouble with this, email me a pic of your outline and I’ll help you discover your shape. Seriously! I believe knowing this could change your life!


Please remember, when you go shopping and have a hard time finding something it DOESN’T mean you are fatter or ugly, it only means they aren’t carrying much of a selection for your body type at the moment. If you have gained weight… So what? Does that make you less of a person? Of course not!

Everyone at whatever size deserves to feel beautiful and should be able to find clothing that reflects that.

Hilda by Duane Bryers (my most favorite Pin Up from the 50’s!) Found image at http://www.toilgirls.com/hildagallery

Case and point the swimsuit. Swimsuits on a whole are designed for athletic bodies. Long lean legs and flat tummies…. But what about the girls with curves? What about the short girl with ample ta tas and thicker thighs? (That’s me by the way)…Or what about the girl who is tall but has a short torso? It sucks trying to find a one piece then!

That’s not the person’s fault… we need more variety for the many shapes that we all are! So stop thinking the problem lies with you and you need to change! Nuh uh, sister! And that’s why I’m on a mission to find those swimsuits… and more!


Have any suggestions for me? What is the one article of clothing you HATE shopping for the most? For me flattering pants are like finding the holy grail!


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